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The Delaware Symphony Orchestra thrives under the direction of one of the country's most talented young conductors.

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Posted: Oct-26-2010
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In The News Journal (Delaware), conductor David Amado argues that "great art carries the essence of its time and culture." Great art "tells us who we were and guides us toward who we will become...Spending the psychic capital to engage and hear what it says helps move the cultural battles out of an arena where they jeopardize deorum, civility and democracy, and morphs them into dialogue, putting them where they belong--in the realm of art--even if it means an occational riot at the symphony." 

Posted: Jan-20-2018
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Over a thousand concertgoers gathered Sunday evening to hear the Delaware Symphony Orchestra (DSO) play Longwood Gardens. In a change from their not-every-summer policy, the renowned Kennett Square horticultural mecca presented this fine regional orchestra in its second successful summer outing.

— Broad Street Review
Posted: Jul-10-2018
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Posted: Nov-18-2016