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The Boreal Trio comprises three international competition laureates who are passionately dedicated to the art of chamber music. Three soloists with national and international reputations—clarinetist Uriel Vanchestein, violist Juan-Miguel Hernandez, and pianist Wonny Song—unite through this unusual and compelling formation of instruments to bring performances of the highest caliber to audiences. Top prize winners in, respectively, the Geneva International Competition, the Brahms International Competition, and the World Piano Competition, they have been lauded by critics as “versatile, intelligent, and deeply musical” (Washington Post) and “tender, lyrical, loaded with personality” (Atlanta Constitution).

Posted: Oct-22-2013
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The Boreal Trio is pleased to announce The Russian Project, a programming initiative debuting in the 2016-2017 concert season. The project showcases the trio's virtuosity as they perform works by Stravinsky, Shostakovich and Prokofiev in exclusive arrangements by clarinetist and composer Uriel Vanchestein.

Posted: Nov-8-2015
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Boreal Trio: Juan-Miguel Hernandez, viola; Wonny Song, piano: Uriel Vanchestein, clarinet
Opening the new year Jan. 9 at Music at Oakmont the Boreal Trio played a program of two diverse and distinct parts, the emphasis on charm rather than drama.
— Classical Sonoma
Posted: Jan-9-2014
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Posted: Jan-30-2015