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The maturity of musicianship and technical virtuosity displayed on this debut recording by Joao Luiz and Douglas Lora is simply outstanding. Their attention to detail in phrasing - the dynamics, ritardandos, general temp, tone colouring, etc., is far superior to many recordings by players who have been around for many more years and have a multiplicity of recordings behind them.

Their facility around the fingerboard allowing them to breathe new life into old favourites such as the Sor, Scaraltti, de Falla and the Granados pieces with confidence and ease. The original compositions by Douglas Lora comfortably stand alongside the "big names" on the rest of the programme and are well crafted and very appealing new works.

The recording quality on this CD is second to none and the whole package is a delight from start to finish. One would be hard out to think of a finer way to impressively enter into the world of recorded music.

Highly recommended.

Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Review of Bom Partido
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