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"Admittedly, there were moments of chaos, of severe fatigue, of frustration at the limited amount of time we had been given for such a monumental undertaking; but there were also goosebumps, and tears of overwhelming joy, and glimpses of that intimacy that can only exist between musicians who are inhabiting the exact same space at the exact same time, accessed through a portal which only great music can open."

Posted: Jul-9-2014
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Elena Urioste and Micheal Brown to release their debut recording later this year.

Repertoire includes:

Strauss Sonata
Ravel Sonate Postume
Amy Beach Romance
Michael's Echoes of Byzantium

Posted: Dec-31-2014
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Urioste boasted a beautiful sound and dazzling technique.

— Greenville Online
Posted: Sep-22-2014
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Posted: Dec-3-2012