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August 12, 2018
Strings cover features violinist Elena Urioste and her Gagliano

In the summer of 2018, violin virtuoso Elena Urioste talked to Strings about her concert instrument—a 1706 Alessandro Gagiliano on loan to her from the Stradivari Society—and both ended up on the cover of the magazine’s August issue. As Urioste tells interviewer Cristina Schreil, she and the fine old Italian violin are “quite symbiotic in our relationship. I have always valued a dark warmth above volume and brilliance, and I feel like my violin enjoys being coaxed and nurtured rather than attacked or pushed. Together we are able to explore the elements of music making that I most value: intimacy, sincerity, depth, and that old-world golden shimmer that I have always coveted in the playing of the great masters.” Illustrating the interview is a photo that reflects a different kind of symbiosis between the violinist and her Gagliano: Urioste, the founding director of Intermissions Sessions & Retreat, a program that combines music and yoga, is pictured al fresco in an advanced yoga pose, with the instrument resting on her upper body.

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