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"...tender, lyrical, loaded with personality"

- Atlanta Journal Constitution

Winner of the Sphinx, Canadian Music, and International Johannes Brahms competitions, and founding violist of the Harlem Quartet, Juan Miguel Hernandez has electrified audiences and students from Carnegie Hall to the Middle East.

Posted: Oct-26-2010
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New players may replace older ones from time to time (cellist Robert Cohen and violist Juan-Miguel Hernandez joined less than two years ago), but the quartet’s well-seasoned culture has endured. Violinists Ralph Evans and Efim Boico, who have been playing together for more than 32 years, are supremely well matched. Their soft-edged tone and phrasing define a “Fine Arts” sound that Cohen has picked up and that Hernandez accommodates himself to when he isn’t lavishing his gorgeous warm sound on a particularly juicy solo phrase.


— The Washington Post
Posted: Mar-9-2015
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Posted: Mar-11-2015