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Her whole being, her confidence and joy in the music, merged with hard-earnd musical mastery to dissolve the listener’s clumsy, troubled ego — always busy striving toward God knows what — and absorb it into her own, higher journey.

Lawrence Cosentino, City Pulse (Lansing, MI)

The import of what [conductor Paul Freeman] created was palpably clear Monday night in Orchestra Hall, where the sinfonietta celebrated the finale of its 30th season...Most inspiring by far was the work of 15-year-old cellist Ifetayo Ali-Landing, who played alongside violinist Melissa White in Saint-Saens’ “La Muse et le Poete” ... Ali-Landing produced a darkly burnished tone that elegantly complemented violinist White’s brightly cast timbre in duet passages. ...White’s tightly focused vibrato and soaring phrases provided welcome counterpoint to Ali-Landing’s downtown sinfonietta debut.

Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune
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