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"One of the leading figures in the current
 renaissance of performer-composers"

The New York Times

 "A young piano visionary"

—The New York Times

“Michael Brown plays and thinks like a composer. I am deeply impressed by this composer-pianist’s inquisitive mind and refreshing spirit.”

– Sir András Schiff

Posted: Feb-28-2017
Latest News

Violinist Elena Urioste and pianist-composer Michael Brown announce the release their debut duo CD on the BIS label.

Posted: Aug-20-2016
Latest Recording

Elena Urioste and Michael Brown have released their debut recording on the BIS label.

Repertoire includes:

Strauss - Sonata
Ravel - Sonate Postume
Amy Beach - Romance
Michael Brown - Echoes of Byzantium

Posted: Oct-7-2016
Latest Acclaim

In the July/August 2017 edition of International Piano, Benjamin Ivry considers the work of Michael Brown in the context of pianist-composers from the time of Clara Schumann to the present. Brown’s Folk Variations, Ivry writes, "is an authentic major work, in which close listening, especially to silence, is treasured. In theme-and-variations form, based around the tune Yankee Doodle, it has the added complexity of not actually including the melody of Yankee Doodle in its thematic section. Instead, Brown explains, Folk Variations ‘rather uses [the song’s] pitches rearranged and stacked vertically to create a more modern “American” sonority.’ One of the most refined of all pianist-composers, Brown may, like Samuil Feinberg, eventually be promoted to the status of composer-pianist." 

— International Piano
Posted: Jun-13-2017
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Posted: Feb-24-2017