Released: February 1, 2013

Flutist AMY PORTER has established herself as one of the leading artists of today through her innovative solo concerts and notable collaborations with the world's top composers, captivating audiences with her stunning virtuosity combined with heartfelt lyricism and interpretive sensitivity. Ms. Porter came to international attention in 2001 when she won the Deuxieme Prix at the Paris/Ville d'Avray International Flute Competition in France. She also won the Kobe International Flute Competition in Japan in 1993 and the jury awarded her the prize for Best Performance of the Commissioned Work.

Pianist CHRISTOPHER HARDING maintains a flourishing international performance career, generating acclaim and impressing audiences and critics alike with his substantive interpretations and pianistic mastery. He has given frequent solo, concerto, and chamber music performances in venues as far flung as the Kennedy Center and Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C., Suntory Hall in Tokyo and the National Theater Concert Hall in Taipei, the Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary, and halls and festival appearances in Newfoundland, Israel, Romania, and China.

1-3 Eldin Burton [1913-1981]
Sonatina for Flute and Piano (1948) 9:29
1. I. Allegretto grazioso 3:40
2. II. Andantino sognando 3:19
3. III. Allegro giocoso; quasi fandango 2:30

4-6 Robert Beaser (b. 1954); Variations for Flute and Piano (1982) 27:05
4. I. Theme 9:50
Variation 1: Brutale
Variation 2: Lontano
Variation 3: Maestoso e rubato
Variation 4: Vivace con bravura
Variation 5: Deliberato

5. II. (Nocturne) 10:14
Variation 6: Tenderly, floating
Variation 7: Ancora più mosso
Variation 8: A tempo
Variation 9: Cadenza; senza misura
Variation 10: Tenderly, floating

6. III. Variation 11: Con fuoco 7:01
Variation 12: Slower
Variation 13: Deliberately, poco meno mosso
Variation 14: Risoluto
Variation 15: Coda; Presto possible

7. Michael Daugherty (b. 1954): Crystal for flute, alto flute, metal windchimes and piano 6:18

8-10 Christopher Caliendo (b. 1960)
Flute Sonata No. 3 "The N.C. Wyeth Sonato" (2006) 17:16
8. I. Youth, Trains, and Tin Pan Alley 6:54
9. II. A Dead Son. Reflection. Memory 8:09
10. III. Bronco Buster 2:13

Total Playing Time 60:08

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