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Tessa Lark & Michael Thurber (violin-bass duo) brings a genre-bending blend of bluegrass, jazz, classical, and original works to life in high-energy performances built on audience interaction, and a fun, welcoming stage presence.

Posted: Aug-24-2017
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1. Wooden Soldier
2. Bach Two-Part Invention I, C maj
3. Tumble Time
4. Bach Two-Part Invention IV, D min
5. Cedar & Sage
6. Bach Two-Part Invention II, C min
7. Bach Two-Part Invention VIII, F Maj
8. Weather Vane
9. Bach Two-Part Invention X, G Maj
10. Bach Two-Part Invention XV, B min
11. Tom & Nancied
12. Bach Two-Part Invention VI, E Maj
13. Until We Meet Again


-Produced, Engineered & Mastered by Silas Brown
-Assistant Engineer: Doron Schachter
-Tracks 3, 5, 8, 11, 13 composed by Michael Thurber & Tessa Lark
-Track 1 composed by Eddie Barbash, Michael Thurber & Tessa Lark
-Executive Producer: Judy Evnin
-Supported by Mary Jo & Ted Shen, William H. Braunlich & Michael R. Meyer, Nancy Quinn & Tom Driscoll, Sandy & Darrell Dale, Marianne Sciolino, Peggy and Malcolm Richards, Gerald Slavet and Carlos Tome.
-Album art design by Julie Chencinski
-Photographs by Silas Brown

Posted: Aug-8-2019
Latest Acclaim

Violinist Tessa Lark excelled in her elegantly tapered thematic volleys with the piano in the Andante, which also featured swooning exchanges between Weilerstein and violist Yura Lee, whose colorful sonority and supple phrasing also increased the quintet’s allure. New to the SummerFest 2020 roster, contrabass master Michael Thurber sustained the ensemble with a dynamic range that started at dulcet rumble and crested at majestic roar...Lark and Thurber gave a nimble, stylishly nuanced account to seven of the Bach Two-Part Inventions...The duo brought a certain vigor to these inventions, as well as a dynamic contour to the phrasing that Bach’s keyboard instruments could not achieve.

— San Diego Story
Posted: Aug-30-2020
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Posted: Jan-11-2020