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Tessa Lark & Michael Thurber (violin-bass duo) brings a genre-bending blend of bluegrass, jazz, classical, and original works to life in high-energy performances built on audience interaction, and a fun, welcoming stage presence.

Posted: Aug-24-2017
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1. Wooden Soldier
2. Bach Two-Part Invention I, C maj
3. Tumble Time
4. Bach Two-Part Invention IV, D min
5. Cedar & Sage
6. Bach Two-Part Invention II, C min
7. Bach Two-Part Invention VIII, F Maj
8. Weather Vane
9. Bach Two-Part Invention X, G Maj
10. Bach Two-Part Invention XV, B min
11. Tom & Nancied
12. Bach Two-Part Invention VI, E Maj
13. Until We Meet Again


-Produced, Engineered & Mastered by Silas Brown
-Assistant Engineer: Doron Schachter
-Tracks 3, 5, 8, 11, 13 composed by Michael Thurber & Tessa Lark
-Track 1 composed by Eddie Barbash, Michael Thurber & Tessa Lark
-Executive Producer: Judy Evnin
-Supported by Mary Jo & Ted Shen, William H. Braunlich & Michael R. Meyer, Nancy Quinn & Tom Driscoll, Sandy & Darrell Dale, Marianne Sciolino, Peggy and Malcolm Richards, Gerald Slavet and Carlos Tome.
-Album art design by Julie Chencinski
-Photographs by Silas Brown

Posted: Aug-8-2019
Latest Acclaim

Lark and Thurber’s careful attention to the entrances and exiting of their bows on the strings were sonically and visually beautiful. A potpourri of American cultural elements — Appalachian music, bluegrass, jazz, and contemporary and classical stylizations — blended with ease and fluidity.

— CT Examiner
Posted: Feb-13-2020
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Posted: Jan-11-2020