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This beautifully recorded debut release confirms not only the Rolston String Quartet’s superb technical accomplishment and their impeccably blended sound, but also a maturity of interpretative approach that can only be achieved after long and patient engagement with the music.

Erik Levi,
A level difficult to imagine in generations past

"They already belong to a generation of string players performing at a level difficult to imagine in generations past."

Toronto Star
Sophistication and masterly balance in Beethoven's "Razumovsky" quartet

"When the Rolston String Quartet performed the last two movements of Beethoven's String Quartet, Opus 59, No. 2, 'Razumovsky,' it made you wonder what they would have revealed about themselves in the first two--but only because they were so good...The group has both spirit and polish, plus a sophistication at odds with their baby faces. The third movement hinges on an ability to make the rhythm click into a groove while maintaining a certain looseness, and Rolston mastered this balance beautifully."

Philadelphia Inquirer
A new bright star in the sky

[The Rolston String Quartet] showed such delicacy, slender elasticity, impeccable intonation, and such eminent sense of tonal balance...This is a new bright star on the truly not empty string quartet sky of our day."

Zuddeutsche Zeitung (Germany)
Rolston's Ligeti: mesmerizing and exhilarating

"Throughout the mesmerizing 20 minutes [in Ligeti's String Quartet No. 1], the group's attention to detail--sharply characterizing the composer's neon effects--made an exhilarating landscape...The finale showed the group's robust tone, flecked with tiny moments revealing the musicians' innermost thoughts."

The Strad
A great concert, rich in discoveries

"Starting from the budding initial motive, Mozart's String Quartet K. 387 played by the young, award-winning Rolston  Quartet unfolds a rigor, an intensity that does not let go of you so quickly...[In Beethoven's String Quartet Opus 59 no. 2], the Rolston Quartet makes Beethoven sound brand new and very young. The bright, transparent, intrinsic sound of this quartet, which is free of all the lush and opulent, fits perfectly. A great, sophisticated concert rich in discoveries!'

Kammermusikvereinigung Trier (Germany)
Maturity and cohesion rivaling the best string quartets in the world

"The Rolston String Quartet performed with a maturity and cohesion rivaling the best string quartets in the world."

Musical Toronto
Total: 7 (Viewing: 1–7)